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Haiti is much more than beach and hotel.
Discover our landscape, our heritage, our history, our waterfalls and caves. Enjoy the warm welcome of the people.

8 days trip: Jacmel (Kabic beach club) including 2 days in Port-au-Prince (Habitation Hatt)

From $739 USD / person

8 days: Cap-Haïtien (Cormier Beach Resort) including 2 nights in Port-au-Prince (Visa Lodge)

From $1199 USD / person

8 days: Cap-Haïtien (Mont-Joli) including 2 nights in Port-au-Prince (Villa Thérèse)

From $1304 USD / person

#52WeekVacationChallenge - Pay in 52 installments

Every week, we put a small amount aside for you.
After 52 weeks, you will have accumulated $1378 that can be used for any travel package not exceeding this amount.


The great challenge is to take the decision to start and to respect the decision for 365 days.

Weekly payments

Weekly payments

Week 1 ... $1, week 2 ... $2, week 52 ... $52.
Each week, we will charge only a few dollars on your credit card.

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